Yoga Flow for Sitting Too Much

Apr 25, 2020Guides, Yoga

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Thanks to the COVID-19 global pandemic, more and more people are stuck at home. Millions of people are spending their days at home, on the couch, or parked in a chair in front of a laptop.

Unfortunately, this can be bad for the hips. When you sit too much, your hips become tight, and this tightness can affect your thighs as well as your back.

Before you know it, you feel creaky, and stiff. Your back aches, you feel tense, and you have trouble sleeping.

Fortunately, there’s a yoga flow for this.

If you practice this short 15 minute sequence every day throughout the remainder of the COVID-19 lockdown, you can loosen up your hips and your back as well as increase strength in your arms (from all those down dogs), and quads (from the warriors).

Yoga Poses:

  1. Wide child’s pose
  2. Table
  3. Down dog
  4. Revolved down dog
  5. Revolved down dog, opposite side
  6. Dolphin
  7. Down dog
  8. 3 legged down dog
  9. Bend the knee, open the hip
  10. 3 legged down dog, opposite side
  11. Bend the knee, open the hip
  12. Down dog
  13. Dolphin
  14. Wide child’s pose
  15. Table
  16. Down dog
  17. Warrior I
  18. Warrior II
  19. Reverse Warrior
  20. Warrior II
  21. Warrior I
  22. Forward Fold
  23. Down dog
  24. Walk the dog
  25. Walk the dog, opposite side
  26. Down dog, tip toes
  27. Revolevd down dog
  28. Revolved down dog, opposite side
  29. Down dog
  30. Wide child’s

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