How to do Trikonasana (Extended Triangle Pose)

May 8, 2020Pose Library, Suvatacast, Yoga

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Triangle is a core standing pose that you will encounter in many styles of yoga, including Sūvata.

There are a few key benefits to triangle pose, that make it this worth incorporating in your practice.

  • Increases balance
  • Elongates & opens the spine and side waist
  • Opens your shoulders, chest, hips, and hamstrings
  • Engages and strengthens your knees, ankles, thighs
  • Reduces back pain
How to do triangle pose, trikonasana

How to do Triangle Pose

There are a few ways to come into Trikonasana, but I find it’s easiest to come into the pose when you’re already in Warrior 2 as your feet are already in the correct position.

For the sake of this tutorial, we’ll say your right leg is in front in Warrior 2.

While in Warrior 2, with your right arm extended forward, palm down, and your left arm extended behind you (also with the palm down), straighten your right leg by engaging the muscles in your right thigh. Draw your right femur back into the socket so your leg is straight.

While maintaining a straight back, reach long with your right hand as if you’re trying to reach something on the far side of the room, while simultaneously reach towards the back of the room with your left hand. Take note of the extension in your arms.

Maintain that engagement and straightness in your arms. Begin to pivot down by folding at your right hip crease. Make sure to keep your arms straight, and try not to bend your knee.

Lower your right hand down to your shin, ankle, or floor, whatever is possible for you. If you cannot reach the floor, do not worry.

Ensure your shoulders are square and the left is stacked on top of the right. Reach your left fingertips towards the ceiling without extending the shoulder. Take note here of the openness in your chest.

Turn your head gently to gaze toward your left fingertips. If you have cervical spine issues, do not do this, but rather maintain a neutral position.

After a few breaths, see if you can deepen the pose by leaning deeper into your right hip crease.

Slightly soften your right knee to prevent hyperextension, but don’t fully bend it.

Hold the pose for at least 10 breaths in total, and then switch to the left side.

Note: The intention of this pose should not be to reach the floor with the bottom hand. Rather, focus on keeping both sides of the waist long. You should only practice with the fingertips on the floor if you can maintain length on the underside of the torso. If you collapse into the underside of the torso, practice with a block. This will allow you to maintain the length on the underside of your torso. It’s perfectly OK if your expression of this pose does not involve reaching down to the floor.

You can deepen the pose by creating a bind. Wrap the top arm around the back, and connect the back of the hand to your front hip crease. This will deepen the twist, and further open your shoulders and chest.

Level: Beginner

Type: Standing


  • Vertigo
  • Cervical spine injuries
  • Digestive issues

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